We Offer All These Services


is your drains overflowing or blocking up, we unblock drains with a rooter machine, it could be due to roots entering your sewer line, or a break in the line.

Leak detection

do you have a high water bill, is your water consumption high and you don’t know why, we do leak detection with high quality equipment, thermal imaging and gas leak detection

geyser repairs and replacement

geyser overflowing or leaking, we will come inspect your leaking geyser and point you in the right direction, weather its a leaking valve or geyser replacement

no hot water

Geyser gone cold, there could be a few reasons for this, element or thermostat failure, other than an electrical issue, we can test your geyser and repair the fault.



Do you have a burst underground pipe, or a leaking pipe on you basin or toilet or even a leak in your roof, let us come and investigate the source of your leak.

sewer line repairs and installations

does you sewer line keep blocking up, if so it might be due to a collapse in the pipe, or a break in the sewer line enabling roots or sand to enter, your sewer line might need to be replaced.

bathroom renovations

Renovating or upgrading your bathroom or bathrooms, in your home or offices, we offer a complete turnkey bathroom renovations solution, we will upgrade your bathroom to the specifications you desire.

leaking toilets

toilet leaking or giving off a foul odor, is it leaking from where the toilet joins the sewer pipe, maybe its overflowing into the toilet bowl. let us come have a look and see how we can assist you.

plumbing repairs and mainteneance

all round plumbing repairs and maintenance, carried out by our professional teams, contact us today for all your plumbing needs or just to get information, we are all to happy to help.


is your new or old  building needing repairs or upgrades to the main water supply line, is it constantly leaking, we can quote you on a new water line or repair


are you planning to build a new home or would like to extend onto your existing home or building, we can quote you off plan, in accordance with the specifications you require.

find my leak

you have a leak especially when your water meter is turning but you are not using any water in your home, call us today and we will find your leak

We Can Help You Build Your Project

let us know how we can help you get your project done.